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The Concept

I am a member of a Christian church in San Antonio, Texas, and have been blessed on Sunday mornings with a wonderful Christian believer who teaches us from God’s Word.  I also attend a lady’s Bible study where my faith continues to grow through another gifted teacher. 

Over the years, probably just like you, I have collected many notes written on the pages of my Bible, along with loose notes stuck on different sheets of paper and kept in so many places. These jottings have been saved with no easy way to organize them, and are very difficult to track as I study on my own.   

It was revealed to me one day that I needed a binder that would easily organize my notes throughout the books of the Bible, allowing a more beneficial study time.  This also allows me to see how my faith grows over the years and how the Scripture influences each stage of my life.

Below is a description of what God has inspired for my study time.  Should you choose to purchase one for your own use, I pray it will glorify God and you will find it a useful tool in your continued walk of faith.

What is the Bible Study Note Keeper?

* 9 x 6 three-ring binder, tabbed with the names of the books of the Bible from the New International Version. I have combined some books on one tab, such as Timothy I and II, Corinthians I and II.  Included on the front tab is a list of the books in order with reference to their approximate time when written.


*There are a total of 60 tabs.  Along with the books of the bible there are three additional tabs - Prayer Requests, Sermon Notes and Other Notes. Prayer requests can be kept neatly, and answered prayers can be noted for future reflection.  The binder can hold approximately 100 sheets of 8.5x5.5 inch paper.  The binder comes with 25 sheets.


*The pages can be taken out for ease of taking notes and then re-inserted in the binder by book.


*The binder comes in your choice of two colors, burgundy and blue, and is made with a Castillian styled padded vinyl. 

*It has been custom designed with a 6x4 inch window in the front for a picture insert of your choice. The window displays a scripture verse, however you can remove it and add a picture of your own such as a family member, a beloved pet, or favorite photograph.


*Made in the USA.

Price: $26.00 plus shipping costs
(includes tax).


To purchase a Bible Study Note Keeper, please contact me.




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